Scrap Paper is a podcast by Sarah Harste and Emily Mullen.

Scrap Paper is all about the experiments we do in business.

Scrap Paper is about learning more about ourselves as we learn how to grow our businesses.

Scrap Paper is for creative small business owners who want to get real.


Emily Mullen is the founder of Written Paper Goods, a line of greeting cards featuring authentic sentiments and unique hand lettering. Emily is interested in creating cards that ring true, that feel like they were meant for you and your bestie, your mom, your significant other.

As you listen to Scrap Paper, you’ll hear her talk about her previous experiences in retail, in the startup world, and as a writer and editor. These days, Emily splits her time between WPG and working a part-time customer service job to pay the bills and keep her dream going. The best roulette and poker on our site free spins casino australia. Go to and get big bonuses!

Emily grew up in Vermont, came to Ohio by way of The College of Wooster, and moved to Columbus in 2010 with her husband Max. When she’s not working, Emily is usually hiking, cooking with her husband, rewatching Parks and Recreation, or feeling intimidated by the stack of library books on her nightstand.


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Sarah Harste is the lady with the #weaverfever at Sarah Harste Weavings. Sarah travels all over the Midwest teaching weaving and macrame classes to the soon-to-be fiber-obsessed. She also creates her own modern fiber art with the sincere hope that each piece will bring joy to the home that adopts it.

On Scrap Paper, Sarah talks about the highs and lows of transitioning to being a full-time maker. She also gabs about how much she loves Columbus, all the badass creative women she admires, and how the level of her fiance’s bike obsession is basically infidelity.

Sarah grew up in Georgia before moving to Columbus in 2013 — be warned, she will occasionally drop a “y’all.” She spends her free time watching the same 90s romantic comedies over and over again, biking with her fiance Ryan and dining at vegan restaurants when she travels.


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Sarah and Emily met in the summer of 2016, at Wild Goose Creative, introduced by Megan Leigh Barnard of Creative Babes. Naturally, the foundation of our friendship is a shared love of the awesome creative community in Columbus.

After having many inspiring conversations commiserating with each other over the unique experience of being a creative small business owner, Sarah approached Emily about recording these chats and putting them out into the world so that others can join the conversation.

Let’s be real though, Scrap Paper is also an excuse for us to hang out regularly, use each other as sounding boards, and cheer each other on. We hope you’ve got a scrappy babe in your life for these kinds of conversations — building community is crucial! — but we’re also totally here for you if you want to chat