Episode 4: Being Realistically Optimistic with Kaylee Schanz of Florish

It's our first interview!

Kaylee Schanz is the lady boss behind Florish, a subscription-based floral company that provides arrangements to homes and businesses around Columbus, OH. We love Kaylee for her positive attitude, business savvy, and grit. She's fiercely committed to delivering a quality product and experience for her customers.

In this episode we pick her brain about launching a business and going full-time at the same time, listening to your gut vs. looking at the numbers, running your own business while being a mom and if doing work for exposure is really worth it.

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Topics Discussed in this Episode:

- Kaylee’s origin story

- Business planning and going full-time

- Building relationships with vendors

- Listening to your gut vs. looking at the numbers

- Being realistically optimistic

- What working for yourself really looks like

- Running your own business while being a mom

- Doing work for “exposure”

- Collaborations

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“I honestly felt very confident that I would pivot and and I would make changes and learn things and grow in whatever way I needed to for this to be a successful business.” - Kaylee

“As long as you’ve done the work, written out your plan and you feel good about your plan of action, then I think you can let your gut take over.” - Kaylee

“Because I wasn’t happy doing that, I wasn’t as good of a mom as I could be because I didn’t feel accomplished and fulfilled at the end of the day. Now I get to share with him this thing that really fulfills me and really makes me happy and I think in many ways makes me a better parent.” - Kaylee

“Hopefully I’m teaching him that he can go after things that are scary and put him out and make him vulnerable to the world. Hopefully there are lessons to be learned from that.” - Kaylee


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