Episode 5: Social Media & Ego

We spend this episode getting real about social media, specifically Instagram. Our theory is that everyone comes to social media wanting connection, but sometimes our ego gets in the way. We chat about how we so often equate our self-worth with our social media presence, how we really feel about our number of followers, and toeing the line between creating content that’s post-able and creating content because it’s post-able. We hope this episode speaks to your woes about social media and helps you feel a little less alone in the #instastruggle. Don’t forget: you’re more than your numbers.

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Topics Discussed in this Episode:

- Our love/hate relationship with instagram

- Sales posts vs feelings posts

- Getting political on social media

- #whitesilenceisviolence

- Connection vs feeding your ego

- Equating your worth with your social media presence

- Hashtags

- Creating content that is postable vs creating content because it’s postable

- Growing your audience

- How we really feel about the numbers


Show Notes

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