Episode 7: Herbal Empowerment with Aniko Zala of Wild Origins


Aniko is an herbalist who runs her own business called Wild Origins. She offers herbal products geared towards self-care like salves and balms, bath teas and herbal deodorant. She also teaches workshops all around Columbus with the aim of empowering others to use herbs to balance their bodies and to better their lives.

In this episode, we talk to Aniko about why herbs are so damn cool, how becoming a mother has affected her business, and her business origin story -- which was born from a place of trying to solve one of her own problems. Aniko's passion for herbs is absolutely infectious -- listen on to find out more! 

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Topics discussed in this episode: 

  • Empowering yourself to solving your own health problems through research

  • Being given “permission” to share your work

  • How herbs balance the body

  • The different between using herbs for acute issues versus preventative issues

  • How our modern medicine distances us from herbs

  • Using your business to create the type of life you want to live

  • Running a business as a new mother and shifting your expectations of what that looks like


Show Notes

Resources & References for This Episode

Being Boss: Self Care and Herbal Medicine with Lindsay Kluge

Aniko’s Teacher Dawn Combs

Under Aurora

The Wild Medicine Solution by Guido Mase

Rosemary Gladstar’s Medicinal Herbs

Aniko’s Dream Balm

Adaptogen Herbs - Ashwagandha and Holy Basil

Vitex (Chasteberry) - Reproductive Health herb

Rosemary, Passionflower, Skullcap - Herbs to deal with acute migraine pain

Feverfew - Preventative measure for migraines

The Good Life Lab by Wendy Jehanara Tremayne

Aniko’s Online Courses

Pattycake Bakery

Aniko’s Self-Care Workshop at the Sunroom

Wholly Craft

Aniko’s Yoni Steam



“I knew that this was going to be my life’s work. I knew that this was the direction I needed to go in.” - Aniko

“My philosophy of the body is not that herbs heal the body; it’s that herbs bring balance to the body.” - Aniko

“Overall, when you’re using herbs, you want to figure out what is the root of the issue and then balance that. They’re not supposed to be fixes; they are supposed to empower the body to do the work that it’s meant to do.” - Aniko

“You have to understand your body a lot more if you’re using herbs to take care of it. You have to figure out what the exact problem is.” - Aniko

“I wanted to create a life where I was happy now. And living the way I want to live now.” - Aniko

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