Episode 9: Creativity Through Grief with Hilary Buchanan of Creative Babes

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Hilary Buchanan is a creative human, dog mom, fitness enthusiast and co-founder of Creative Babes. In this episode, we chat with Hilary about what Creative Babes is and the role it plays for creative women in Columbus, OH, her philosophy about social media, and how grief has impacted the way she approaches creativity. This episode is a special one: Hilary has such an inspiring outlook on life and we loved having the opportunity to dive deeper into what fuels that outlook.

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • What Creative Babes is and how it got started

  • Starting the Creative Babes membership program

  • Side-hustling on a business when you didn’t originally intend for it to be a business

  • What role social media plays in Hilary’s life

  • Our Babes Unplugged experience (while in the midst of the challenge!)

  • Hilary’s creative journey through grief

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“Even just the word creative always kind of scared me and I didn’t identify with it so then as an adult, I was curious to challenge myself and challenge that.” - Hilary

“We throw events and create spaces for women to meet each other and learn from one another and support each other.” - Hilary on Creative Babes

“When you want something to be pure and good, it’s scary to bring money into it.” - Hilary on Creative Babes membership

“You have to be willing to fail. You have to be willing to experiment. You have to be willing to let people go.” - Hilary

“Social media is the place where I get to share a little bit of what I’m thinking and reflect and try and write things that are beautiful and real. It’s been a really beautiful space for me -- it’s kind of been my therapy.” - Hilary

“I think I can use my grief as a gift.” - Hilary

“The biggest thing I’ve learned is that everything comes down to relationships.” - Hilary

“The stuff that gave me so much comfort after losing my dad was hearing these stories about the way he impacted people and the way he treated people.” - Hilary

“The way you make people feel is what matters and that is what people will remember -- it’s your character.” - Hilary

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