S2E1: Goals, Accountability and the New Year

In this episode, we revisit our 2017 4th quarter goals and tentative 2018 goals we made in October. We also talk about setting goals for your business in the wake of the New Year, how to recover when you backslide from your goals, and how working on your personal goals and habits can affect your business. 

Topics Discussed in This Episode

  • Doing market research (at markets!) to determine who is your audience

  • Making realistic goals vs dream goals with markets

  • Signing up for markets because of FOMO instead of deciding if it’s the right market for you

  • Revisiting our 2018 goals and revising them

  • How New Year’s Resolutions affect your business goals

  • How your personal goals affect the health of your business

  • How setting good habits helps you achieve your goals

  • How to reset when you backslide on your goals and the role of accountability

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Show Notes

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Quotes from This Episode

“If you’re going to have a monetary goal for a quarter, you need to put in ways to be checking in on that goal.” - Sarah

“I think that’s what happens for a lot of us: we make goals, we get super excited thinking about them, and then we just kind of set them down.” - Sarah

“I think that one of the things I really struggle with working for myself is that you have no more excuses.” - Sarah

“If you are going to create a work schedule that feels good, that requires so much more than being able to work for yourself full-time. That requires such a huge amount of reflection and self-awareness first. And then it requires so much experimentation to fine tune in. And it requires so much diligence and boundaries.” - Emily

“All you can do is try to be a little bit better than you are right now -- and that’s the point of goals.” - Sarah

“This is how I’m feeling. I’m struggling. I know that I’m not alone. And it’s so easy when you’re in a dark place to be like, ‘I am the only loser.’ But we are never alone!” - Emily on being in a slump

“Whether you’re in a slump like this or there’s an interruption in your schedule, if there’s a change in your life, you need habits in place to catch you and keep you going in the right direction.” - Emily

“No one has ever made a goal and then they’ve done it perfectly forever. It’s just having to come back to it and come back to it and remind yourself.” - Sarah

“Small victories add up. They make you feel more capable and proud and optimistic. But the truth is, the same can be said for small defeats.” - Emily

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