S2E10: Sprinkle Positivity Confetti with Natalie Pariano of Natterdoodle

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Natalie Pariano is a hand lettering artist with a huge love for rainbows, unicorns and all things confetti. She creates work beautiful, rad, socially conscious artwork and spreads her personal philosophy -- “Sprinkle Positivity Confetti”-- in all that she does.

We talked to Natalie about how she created the larger-than-life brand Natterdoodle, why art is always political, and how her beautiful commitment to optimism and hope fuels her work and life.

You can find out more about Natterdoodle at www.natterdoodle.com. You can follow Natalie on Instagram here

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Show Notes

Topics Discussed in This Episode

  • How Natterdoodle Got Started

  • “The Year of Yes”

  • Delving into Teaching Workshops

  • The “Sprinkle Positivity Confetti” Philosophy

  • Promoting Social Change Through Your Business

  • Sharing the Real You Through Social Media

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Quotes from this Episode

“I really wanted to try everything and hoped that that would help me pare down what really worked for me.” - Natalie on her “Year of Yes”

“People want to carve out time for themselves to do something with their girlfriends just for fun or to try something creative -- and there’s a lot of fear wrapped up in creativity. So creating a space where anyone, but especially women, can have a little bit of freedom, give themselves a little bit of grace, embrace the perfectly imperfect process of learning something new -- that for me is the best.” - Natalie on teaching workshops

“I do feel very honored when people choose to spend their money and their time with me. I really want to make it an experience where they learn something but also where they just feel lighter because they’ve gotten to make something or because they’ve just gotten to spend time with one another.” - Natalie on teaching workshops

“I really do think we need more moments of celebrating and letting it go and trying to be in the moment.” - Natalie

“Even if Natterdoodle the business didn’t exist, Natterdoodle the brand for me wouldn’t go away.” - Natalie

“My philosophy has always been: optimism is a choice. It’s a choice that you can make and sometimes you can’t. But when I can, I’m going to choose it. Optimism is also super wrapped up in hope for me. And hope is more about working towards something better.” - Natalie

“Art should have a point of view. And I’m an artist… and so my art will have my point of view. So in my art, you’re going to see what I value, what I believe, what I notice.” - Natalie

“I don’t have money [like big businesses], but I have a little bit of influence, just a smidge. And so, in my opinion, it’s my responsibility to use that good. And so you better believe that I will raise my voice on things I think are moral imperatives.” - Natalie on using her business as a platform for social consciousness

“You can choose courage or you can choose comfort, but you can’t choose both.” - Natalie paraphrasing Brene Brown

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