S2E12: Sharing More Of Yourself Online

In this episode, Emily and Sarah reflect on a talk given recently by their friend Allie Lehman from The Wonder Jam in which she shared: "The world wants more of you." They talk about why that notion is so profound to each of them and how they plan to stop trying to make themselves more palatable to their audience and to embrace sharing more of who they really are. This episode is an inspirational listen for anyone who's felt uninspired or anxious about sharing online or worries about how your audience perceives you.

A couple fun bonuses in this episode:
— Listen through to the end to try out Emily's journal prompt to work through your regrets and anxieties so you can be more comfortably you
— And join this conversation on Instagram, using the hashtag #moreofscrappyme — we want to know what you're going to be sharing more of with the world!

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Show Notes

Topics Discussed in This Episode

  • Why we were inspired when our friend Allie said “The world wants more of you”

  • Why we try to make our work/ourselves more “palatable” for our audience

  • How being yourself online makes your audience like you and your brand more

  • Trying to connect and disconnect with your audience

  • Ways to figure out what to share about yourself online

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Quotes from This Episode

“The world wants more of you.” - Allie Lehman

“We don’t need to filter ourselves to be loved and appreciated for who we are.” - Emily

“Even if you feel like what you’re putting out there has been put out there in other ways -- maybe even you think better ways -- by others in the past, it doesn’t mean there isn’t room for your voice.” - Emily

“I think the thing is that we focus on the number of people we’re resonating with over the quality of resonation. The quality of the connection of what we’re achieving.” - Sarah

“I feel like the best work we do, it has to overlap most of the time with the work that feels most natural and effortless and like it just flows out of us.” - Emily

“I think the big secret is that when we show up as who we really are, we feel so much more satisfied with ourselves that we don’t really care if people accept us.” - Sarah

“The use of the word 'more' -- there’s such permission wrapped up in it. You don’t have to lessen yourself, you don’t have to put a cap on yourself, you don’t have to feel like there’s only a certain degree to which you can be yourself.” - Sarah

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