S2E13: Being Your Own Boss... and Your Employee

In this episode, Emily and Sarah discuss the distinction between the roles of "boss" and "employee" in their small businesses. They talk about how each role has different tasks, goals and motivations, and why separating them in your mind can actually help you be more productive and feel happier in each role. They also talk about how to figure out if you wear the "boss" or "employee" hat more -- and how to achieve a healthier balance between the two.

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Show Notes

Topics Discussed in This Episode

  • What we mean by being your own boss versus being your own employee

  • The boss’s goals/responsibilities and the employee’s goals/responsibilities

  • Figuring out which hat you wear more: boss or employee

  • How to have a healthier balance between the two roles

Resources & References for This Episode

Little Women by Louisa May Alcott

Parks & Recreation


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Pomodoro Method

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Quotes from This Episode

“Because I think when you’re a boss, you get blinded by the big picture and your lofty goals and you sort of lose track of the day-to-day tasks that are so important to running a smooth operation.” - Emily

“One of the traps of being your own boss is that your ego gets so tied up in everything, whereas employees are able to be much more objective.” - Emily

“It was really comforting to me that I could step in and say, ‘I’ve got my boss hat on right now,’ or ‘I’ve got my employee hat on right now,’ because I think that I spend a lot of my days trying to do both at the same time. And it’s really paralyzing.” - Sarah

“If you are able to find the beauty and the simple joys in doing employee tasks, then it can charge you up and make you better able to do boss things and feel better about your business.” - Emily

“When you put on the employee hat, I think you can really disconnect and you can say, ‘This is the thing I need to get done right now and I’m allowing myself to fully focus on that and I’m not placing any additional burdens on myself.’” - Sarah

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