S2E3: What to Do When You're Not Making Sales

In this episode, we discuss what to do when the worst happens: your shop isn't making sales. We delve into what mindset shifts, adjustments to your shop, and marketing you can do to encourage more traffic and sales in your shop. 

If you believe in your product, we believe in your product too. Listen on, and know that you've got this scrappy babe.

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Topics Discussed in This Episode

  • Being in a slump vs a general trend in your business

  • How to acknowledge your business isn’t working

  • How our mindset can affect our overall sales

  • How to check in with your product offerings and decide whether you continue offering them

  • Challenging yourself to make a good product into a great product

  • Taking pride in your work (instead of falling into the comparison trap)

  • What improvements you can make to your shop to encourage sales

  • Financial success vs ego success

  • Customers who want your product vs fans of you and your work

  • Ways to market to encourage sales

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Quotes from This Episode

“The vanity metrics are never going to be enough. It’s never going to feel as fulfilling as actually being able to live off your business.” - Sarah

“You can’t meet your goals from a place of lack. If you’re coming at your goal from a scarcity mindset, it’s going to be so hard for you to make yourself do the things that you need to do to sell the product.” - Sarah

“You definitely need to be honest with yourself about areas where you can improve -- even when it comes to specific items that once were a point of pride but now you feel like you’ve grown past and can improve on.” - Emily

“At the end of the day, it’s really not about your experience to get your product to that point where it’s easy to sell. It’s about your customers’ experience when they’re coming onto your site and seeing that product.” - Sarah

“We believe in you. You’ve got this. You might need to change your perspective and ask yourself some tough questions. Once you do, you’ll figure out what next steps you need to take.” - Emily

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