S2E4: The Reality of Working Your Dream Job with Brooke Dusenberry of the Lovely Grain

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Brooke Dusenberry is the founder and full-time maker at Lovely Grain Studio. We love following her adventures on Instagram, where she shares her process as she creates beautiful custom wooden signs, using power tools, lasers (!), and a keen eye for detail.

We chatted with Brooke about transitioning from side-hustling to being your own boss, why more people need to talk about how hard the first year full-time is, and how slumps are a natural part of being a creative person. 

If you want to find out more about Brooke, you can visit her website here and follow her on Instagram here

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Topics Discussed in This Episode

  • Transitioning from a hobby business to a full-time business

  • Expectations vs the reality of running your own business full-time

  • Making custom products your #1 product-seller

  • Managing communication with customers (in high communication situations)

  • Setting boundaries with your customers

  • Comparing yourself to other makers and finding your own voice

Resources & References for This Episode

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Quotes from This Episode

“This is what it’s really like to be a maker. Most days I’m super caffeinated and have bags under my eyes and I’m like, ‘hey world, I’m covered in paint and I’m in the same yoga pants as yesterday!’” - Brooke

“I had a super emotional time with it because I think that so much self-worth and so much of how you view yourself, for me, was tied up in what others’ perception of me was and in what my role was.” - Brooke on the transition to full-time maker

“I don’t think there are enough voices sharing that this is a dream job, but it’s still a job. And it can be a lonely job, and it can be hard.” - Brooke

“I think that slumps are super natural and, at least for me, they’re a sign that something needs to change.” - Brooke

“I feel like it took me a long time to figure it out: businesses operate because there’s structure. You have to have structure to operate effectively.” - Brooke

“I think that when you start feeding yourself with images from other people you almost adapt to what you’re seeing.” - Brooke on not following other artists’ in your field (on Instagram)

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