S2E6: The 100 Day Project

In this episode, Emily and Sarah chat about the 100 Day Project, a creative challenge that takes Instagram by storm every year from early-April to mid-July. The rules are simple: choose a medium or craft or theme and create something every day that fits into the parameters you've assigned yourself. Oh, and post a picture of what you create everyday to your Instagram page with your own unique hashtag. 

Sarah shares her experience participating in the 100 Day Project in 2016 and Emily chats about why she's decided to participate this year. We hope this episode will get you fired up to participate in this awesome creative challenge!

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Show Notes

Topics Discussed in This Episode

  • What is the 100 Day Project

  • What Sarah’s approach was to the 100 Day Project

  • The number one way that the project challenged Sarah

  • Comparing yourself to others doing the project

  • Why Emily is doing the 100 Day Project

  • Emily’s 100 Day Project idea

  • Tips for preparing to do your project

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Quotes From This Episode

“I felt like it gave me permission to post everyday (on Instagram).” - Sarah

“When you have to create that much, it strips away all the fear. I think it makes you commit to the creative process.” - Sarah

“I wanted to use it as a tool to grow my business and it definitely did.” - Sarah

“I want to create a body of work that has inherent value at the end of this -- so not just the value of those individual posts on the day they are posted.” - Emily

“One of the big reasons I had this thread throughout all of those ideas of honesty is because I do want to create content that invites connection.” - Emily

“The thing about doing a project like this is that you can anticipate what may be pain points and try to figure out ways ahead of time to deal with them.” - Sarah

“It’s like a writing exercise, a brain exercise, a way of thinking about words and feelings. I really want to work that muscle. I want to get stronger at that.” - Emily

“One of the lovely things with creativity is that the more that you do, the more creative you feel and the more ideas you have.” - Sarah


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