S2E7: Being Beautifully Imperfect with Simi Botic

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Simi Botic is a health coach, blogger, and recently published author based here in Columbus, Ohio. Simi has an incredible talent for engaging authentically with her audience online, sharing unfiltered moments from her day to help women learn to eat intuitively, love their so-called imperfections, and live in the present.

We chatted with Simi about transitioning from a corporate attorney to a health coach, how to tap into your intuition, and why she felt called to write her recently-published book "Letting Go of Leo."

If you want to find out more about Simi, you can visit her website and follow her on Instagram.

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Show Notes

Topics Discussed in this Episode

  • Simi’s Journey from being attorney to becoming a health coach

  • How being an entrepreneur makes you face your personal insecurities and struggles

  • How to tap into your intuition

  • How to use technology as a tool without letting it control your life

  • Connecting to your audience through your content and social media

  • Writing and publishing her book “Letting Go of Leo”

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Quotes from this Episode

“In our society, there is one ideal -- one beauty ideal, one image -- that we are fed over and over again and it is a thin, white woman, and anyone who doesn’t naturally fit that description of body or skin color or certain attributes… from that idea, an entire industry has grown of ways to ‘fix’ people to help them to meet that society standard of beauty.” - Simi Botic

“There were sacrifices, there were things that we did to make it possible. And those are all conversations that, in my opinion, you have to be willing to have and decisions you have to be willing to make to move from something like a really defined salary to going into the world of entrepreneurship.” - Simi Botic

“You get into the emotional realities of being an entrepreneur, which is that it will take you deep into your insecurities and into your own personal development and you will have to face your shadows every single day. It is the fast track to becoming your best self.” - Simi Botic

“How I learned and how I help women do this in their own life is first identifying what are the external noises and pressures we are listening to. Because, in my opinion, there’s no way to be able to hear yourself if that noise is turned up so loud.” - Simi Botic on how to connect to your intuition

“If I’m living out someone else’s values, at the end of the day, I’m going to feel unfulfilled.” - Simi Botic

“I don’t think it’s about creating a life that’s perfect or that’s easy all the time, but I think it’s about living out your values and living in alignment with your values every day so that when hardships arise, you are able to work through those and come out the other side a stronger version of yourself.” - Simi Botic

“When I’m sharing on social media, I think it is a huge honor to have someone’s attention and to have someone’s time. If someone’s going to take time away from any other area of their life and give me time and give me attention, I’m going to treat them like that’s a really big deal.” - Simi Botic

“Your healthy weight will never require you to do anything unhealthy to get or stay there.” - Simi Botic

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