S2E8: Why We Do This

In this episode, Emily and Sarah discuss why they started their businesses and their motivations for continuing to run their own businesses. They discuss what it means to consider yourself a creative or an artist, how working for yourself feeds your sense of purpose, and how to reconnect with your why when you feel like you're in a slump. If you like chats about creativity and what it means to be a creative person, this episode is for you.

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Show Notes

Topics Discuss in This Episode

  • The pressure to keep our dream jobs seeming dreamy outwardly

  • Why we started our businesses

  • Thinking of yourself as an artist or creative

  • Experiencing flow as a creative

  • Why we keep running our businesses

  • How running your own business is a form of personal growth

  • How to reconnect with your why

Resources & References for This Episode

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The Reality of Working Your Dream Job with Brooke Dusenberry

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Jeffrey Eugenides Paris Review article

Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

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The Blue Zones of Happiness

The Blue Zones

Being Beautifully Imperfect with Simi Botic

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Quotes from this episode

“I feel like there’s sort of this pressure to uphold an image that my life is aspirational because I am doing this. And if I don’t uphold that image, then people won’t value my products as much.” - Emily on the pressure to make your “dream job” seem dreamy

“Literally if you are a human, you are a creative person. You create.” - Sarah

“The things I achieve via the art are more important to me than the art itself.” - Emily

“When you experience flow, it’s magical. It feels like the colors are speaking to me and only I can understand the language that they’re speaking in. And it’s up to me interpret that and to put them together and to share that with people. And it honestly feels like, when I’m in that place, this is my gift. This is what I’m supposed to do. This is who I am.” - Sarah

“I have felt at every single job I’ve ever worked severely underutilized. And it made me feel like why am I here? And it made me feel like I want to contribute in a way that only I can contribute.” - Sarah on why she started her own business

“I honestly really want to keep learning about myself through the lens of being a small business owner. I love it.” - Emily

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