S2E9: Big Transitions

In this episode, Emily and Sarah reveal the big transitions that have been been impacting their lives lately. Hint: Emily's making a big move out of state and Sarah's tying the knot! They talk about how these transitions have affected their attitudes toward their small businesses and  shifted the way they work. They also chat about why making big leaps feels different as you get older, how to be kind to yourself when you're going through a lot, and why it's okay to slow down during transitional seasons.

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Show Notes

Topics Discussed in this Episode

  • Why big transitions feel different in your 30s

  • Emily’s Big Transition!

  • Sarah’s Big Transition!

  • How to manage work while preparing for or going through a big transition

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Quotes from this Episode

“I think with big transitions, we can fear them or we can take them as an opportunity to redefine ourselves.” - Sarah

“The frustrating thing is that while I was experiencing this rise in motivation and a better attitude and my creative ideas coming back, simultaneously my time was getting more taken up with managing the move.” - Emily

“If you’re having anyone in your life go through a big transition, whether it’s positive or negative, if you have that immediate response of fear -- know that that’s normal and know that you don’t have to sink into that.” - Sarah

“There’s no time to do anything new. I finally just had to tell myself that you can think of ideas and you can write them down, but you can’t sit there and dream about them. You’ve really just got to put that aside; there’s no time for that.” - Sarah

“The fact that life is crazy right now and I’m going through this big transition -- that was actually a big motivation for doing the 100 Day Project.” - Emily

“The thing is, that nobody tells you, is that nothing really bad is going to happen if you don’t post something for a month, if you honestly took that time and slowed down or stopped completely because you’re going through something.” - Sarah on taking a break from Instagram during transitions

“I think those are the moments in big transitions that are really hard: it feels like you’re straddling this line, like you’re mentally in the space where you want to be but physically you have to keep living the life you’ve been living because you haven’t been able to make that shift yet.” - Sarah

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